AI Stick, Plug and Play-Movidius an Intel Company

Movidius is a Neural Compute Stick(NCS) tiny device that plugs into any USB powered computer and enables to run powerful AI algorithms. NCS is powered by the existing Movidius Vision processing Unit(VPU) that is running on millions of hand held devices for running algorithms like gesture controlled drones, machine vision applications etc.

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What Movidius Neural Compute Stick Does?

This Movidius Neural Compute stick enables a rapid development and algorithm deployment without worrying about the complex hardware or software required to execute the tasks. Its low power VPU architecture enables us to execute tasks independent of cloud services.

The SDK provided by Movidius called Neural Compute SDK allows deep learning developers to profile, tune and deploy CNN-Convolution Neural network on low-power applications.
The Stick size is very small just 72.5mm27mm14mm in dimensions it supports Caffe framework with USB 3.0 Connectivity, processor is Movidius VPU.

Movidius NCS can be bought from Mouser and RS Components for 69.99 Euros.MovidiusGetting Started Guide for Movidius NCS.

Prerequisites for starting on Movidius NCS.

  • An x86_64 computer running Ubuntu 16.04
  • SDK-Movidius Neural Compute
  • And the device itself.

Software Installation:

  • Extract MvNC SDK
  • Install MvNC Toolkit
  • Install MvNC API framework

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Compile Networks using Toolkits:

  • Starting with Neural Networks already available.
  • using toolkits to  profile,check and compile these networks.

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Run inferencing using NCS.

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Connect to your Beaglebone or raspberry and enjoy high speed Neural Network performance with realtime characteristics.




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