A future without traffic jams

Why take the cars underground when you can take the entire city!?

A future without traffic jams

Quantum computing, Immortality, space travel – irrespective of what dream the future throws in our direction, nothing would get us as excited as the idea of escaping traffic on our way to office every morning. People regularly commuting in megacities such as Manhattan, Mumbai or Shanghai would prefer choosing the eleven plagues of Egypt instead of the daily traffic. The idea of a future without traffic has a certain bling, but is it feasible?

Turns out it is and companies are working hard to make sure they make it happen. Not all of these approaches sound practical but then again the best ones never did.

Here are some approcahes to achieve a future without traffic jams –

1. The Boring Company by Elon Musk :

While Tesla and SpaceX have always been in limelight, another project by Elon Musk is what promises an easier life in the future. Recently, the company tested their drive – trains and elevator which will play a major role in this approach. Musk plans to escape traffic by allowing cars to travel underground in tunnels running among multiple layers.

2. Hyperloop

Another ‘pipe – dream’ by Elon Musk is now reality. The Hyperloop, which is meant for ferrying people among cities will reduce travel time and avoid the intracity traffic. The functional hyperloop will diminsh the air traffic and thereby the road traffic. This will also change the where and how people reside.

3.PRT Masdar City

Musk’s Boring Company is not the only one going underground to reduce traffic. The gulf country, rich in oil is executing a similar plan. They have bigger dreams, so they thought why take the cars underground when you can take the entire city!? Masdar City, conceptualized as completely green, the first of its kind, has run itno a roadblock. An instance of which is the PRT i.e. Personal Rapid Transit System. Car – like pods carry individuals on a tract similar to the railway system. This helps in achieving point – to – point transport system with precision and efficiency.

4. Flying cars by Airbus

Taking off from the middle of the road to avoid traffic is something many people have dreamt about. The Pop up mobility project by Airbus is the closest we have to got this dream. Road faring pods transform into flying cars using a mulit – rotor hover system. This leads to an app, something like Uber in steroids, where people book Pop Up pods and take off for travelling short distances.



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