Autonomous EV by Audi, a concept car that boasts upto  800 Kms of Range in a Single Charge.

Frankfurt Motor Show(Germany): Audi recently showed its one of the futuristic electric car that targets Level 5 Autonomy. The car is fully Autonomous and also doesn’t have any control of steering, Brakes or Acceleration meaning everything will be controlled by the car. This car is a demonstration of the thinking of Audi about Autonomous Vehicles.


A Futuristic Electric Vehicle:


Audi Aicon has four electric motors producing a  total of 260KW  and 550Nm torque. This car also features all-wheel drive with electronically controlled variable power control meaning each individual tire can provide different power rating to the vehicle. The body is Lightweight with a multi-material body and the design is highly aerodynamic means its ability to achieve good speeds with very high range on a single charge-800kilometers.


Audi has highlighted pushback seat arrangement, means passengers in the car can rest, converse with the other passenger without worrying about the driving. A clean dash also means that Audi wants to have minimal interference of the passengers with the car.


Audi might also plan to introduce features that will enable them to communicate with the passerby thus making the driver much safer for the passenger and the people around the car as well . The introduction of independent controlled LED’s might be used for providing visual indication.front grille

Audi Aicon is a concept and the specified metrics related to mileage and Fully autonomous technologies might still appear in the air but Audi has committed to provide some good cars in the electric segment. Aicon is powered by solid-state batteries, that means they can achieve very fast charging 80Percent of the capacity in less than 30 minutes. The car is also featured with wireless charging, the feature was any way needed as the car might have to pull out of its own to the nearest charging station.






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