Imagine a situation wherein while driving you a receive cardinal phone call or you want to look down at the speedometer or at the navigation screen. These scenarios take your eyes off the road which prove to be a distraction. Heads Up Display or HUD is a technology that never allows you to put your head down while driving so that you can always drive with your eyes always on road. Check out this comprehensive techical article explaining the technology behind Heads Up Display. 

So here is a list of 5 HUD units for your car

5. Hudly Wireless HUD- $271

Hudly Wireless

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  1. Display Screen
  2. Built-in Speakers
  3. Light Sensors
  4. Remote Buttons

Description and Working

Hudly Wireless is the second generation model of Hudly. It has a 6.2 inch wide screen with optical grade coating that boasts larger and sharper display. It works almost in all cars. It does not require any port, it directly screencasts any application from your smartphone. It adjusts to the brightness automatically as per the environment. It has a wide viewing angle which that does not allow the driver to get distracted while viewing information on the device. Hudly has its own app that allows it to govern the HUD. This app takes care of Hudly’s hardware advancements. It also has built in programs for optimised Head-Up display. A smartphone is the secondary control panel. It is compatible with Android and iOS.


  • Hudly Wireless HUD will turn off once your phone has switched off/screen locked
  • If the background of the mobile application is too bright the HUD reflects the light right back at the driver’s face making it difficult to drive
  • It has a bulky design.

4. Arpenkin X5 HUD

Arpenkin X5

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  1. Adaptive Light Sensors
  2. Display Units
  3. Rotation Speed Sensors
  4. Alarm- 30 dB sound level
  5. Remote Buttons

Description and Working

It is one of the most cost-effective and best selling HUD unit in the market. It is a compact device dimensioning 3.5x2x0.5 inches. The product has an OBD II interface. As important information is displayed on the windscreen and the brightness getting adjusted automatically, the driver is free from any distraction. It has an auto switching on and off system which is synced with your vehicle and responds accordingly.

Nanotechnology has been inculcated in the device to eliminate redundant glare. It has a bi-colour display for better readability. A 3-inch screen with an absolute high definition quality. It can work within the environment temperature of -40 to 80 degree Celsius.


  • It is only compatible with cars built in America and Europe after 2004 and cars built in Asia after 2007
  • It is not compatible with trucks

3. Kivic

Kivic X5

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  1. Display Engine
  2. Combiner
  3. Locking Lever
  4. Mount Bracket
  5. Ambient Light Sensor
  6. Power Jack
  7. Back-up Camera Interface
  8. Processor and Storage- It has a 1 GB RAM with 8GB storage capacity

Description and Working

Kivic HUD does not require an OBD port II. Kivic is widely known for its amazing GPS experience. It accesses data from your smartphone. Navigation is done with the help of your smartphone apps and the directions are augmented on the road.

It has a 10 inch wide screen which can view up to 2 metres virtually. All the necessary information required while driving is projected. The basic features to view notifications and provide navigations are fulfilled by Kivic which is accessed by the Kivic app. The app is available on Appstore and Playstore.


  • The user interface is slightly complicated
  • It also does not have an extra port for charging information

2. Hudway Drive

Hudway Drive
Source: Hudway


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  1. Combiner Screen- High transparency so that it does not reflect glare to your eye
  2. Display Unit
  3. Front Camera- It monitors the movement of the driver
  4. Gyroscope
  5. Acceleration Sensor
  6. Audio Input
  7. Processor- 8 core 64-bit ARM processor with 2GB RAM
  8. Ambient Input- Self Adaptive Brightness Control
  9. Bluetooth 4.0- Supported by Android and iOS
  10. GPS- The GPS used in automotive industry
  11. AUX out

Description and Working

The HUD displays a full colour image on to a transparent lens adjusted to fit your line of sight. The image looks like it is floating above the hood. It gets data directly from the car using On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port II. It is wirelessly connected to the user’s phone which lets you stay connected while driving with both hands on the steering.

It keeps a track of some of the most essential elements of driving. A digital speedometer helps to check speed without looking down. Turn-by-turn navigation with the help of live 3D mapping guides the driver through the road. It estimates an arrival time based on nearby traffic conditions. It connects to LTE 4G/ Wi-Fi connection.

It has a front facing camera which will recognise when you are tired or falling asleep or being distracted while driving. The remote control is present at your fingertips which provides a great user experience. Phone calls or text messages can be safely carried out while driving. The incoming calls can be received by a hand gesture. Depending on what time of the day it is, the display brightness can be adjusted accordingly.


  • For a few cars its size would be too large to be placed on the dashboard

1. iScout

Source: Dims

Available for Preorder on Kickstarter.


  1. Bluetooth 4.0
  2. Processor- 2GB RAM with 16 GB Storage
  3. IR camera
  4. In-Built Speakers
  5. Noise redundant microphone
  6. Ambient light sensor
  7. Display Unit
  8. Combiner Screen
  9. Blind Spot Camera
  10. Base
  11. Combiner
  12. GPS
  13. Dash Camera
  14. Audio Input

Description and Working

iScout is a product of Spade Tech. iScout is an advanced HUD which a 7 inch wide screen. iScout connects to your car via the OBD II port and to your phone via Bluetooth. It uses hand gestures to accept or reject calls. It supports almost all social media apps.

As iScout can connect to a vehicle’s OBD port it can display information about the same. For example, if you are low on fuel while driving then iScout immediately searches for nearby petrol pumps. It can also detect maintenance issues and speed.

The presence of a blind spot camera makes driving relatively safer. The blind spot camera gets activated once the indicator is in use. If the right indicator is active, it displays the view of the right hand blind spot of the driver on the display screen. It adapts to the brightness automatically.

iScout has a dash camera to record your journey which can be used as a proof in legal matters. It has friendly user interface.


  • While using voice commands the device may have interpreted something different as said by the user


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