5 Best aftermarket Heads up Displays (HUDs)

best Budget Heads Up display in Market


Heads Up displays, or more popularly known as HUDs are no more a technology of the future. It is a well known and implemented technology in today’s automobiles and the world can’t get enough of it. Remember the time when you were awestruck seeing Hollywood actors getting every bit of the driving information on the windscreen? If you were wondering then what it was, have a look at “Head-up display and its working”. Every one of us has seen it and wished it was a feature your car too. Now, it can be. HUDs are available in the market and you can easily have one installed in your car in a few bucks.

To check how the technology works click this technical article: Heads Up Display.

So, here we have prepared the list of 5 best and budget HUD displays in the market right now.

5iNeibo universal GPS HUD Heads-up display

iNeibo is Perfect for the people looking for a pocket-friendly purchase. iNeibo has produced an incomparable product which has its own place in the market. Comes with dual mode operations, which means it can be used as a projector on the windshield as well as itself as a screen.
HUD Mode(Project): Projects the information like KPH/MPH on the windshield
Non-HUD Mode(Standard): Can be put at the top of the instrument panel and the information can be seen directly.
It also comes with Two-Level Speed Alarm as an added safety feature. It alarms you whenever you are over-speeding in the city or on the highway.
Urban road alarm: For driving in the city.
Highway alarms: For driving on highways
It is fully compatible with all the cars, trucks, busses; all the vehicles that you can possibly have. It only requires to plug into a power source and a GPS connection and you are ready to go. It even connects with bikes and boats, but then the power supply and the water resistance issues should be solved.
Accuracy, simple and easy operation and installation are its main features. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness according to day and night driving.

4Echoman EM05 universal GPS car head up display

Echoman EM05: Another pocket-friendly unit, comes with a decent 5.5 inch high brightness clear display. It super bright LED display ensures clear visibility even in bright sunlight with minimal glare.
It comes loaded with safety features like Remote Control, Gear Shifting Reminder, fatigue driving reminding, low voltage alarm, high-temperature alarm, speed alarm, engine fault alarm and fault code elimination.
The automatic brightness adjustment and free switching between KPH and MPH give an automated edge to the product. Big size icons on the display ensure clear visibility, reduces eye strain and gives minimal distraction from the road. Rich Display includes Speed, Engine Rotate Speed, Time, Water Temperature, Battery Voltage, Instant Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption, Running Time and even the Mileage.
Dual OBD ports allow more options during the installation of the connection cable and are very easy to connect. It also comes with an anti-slip mat, so that it can be mounted anywhere easily and can sustain bumps and jerks.

3Generic WY-A1 universal GPS speedometer with over speed warning

If you are looking for a brand name and a reliable product in nominal price, this is the right product for you. It certainly goes by its name, Generic.
Comes with a beautiful green colored display which is a treat for the eye. Brightness is automatically adjusted according to day or night driving. Installed with safety feature like over speed alarm which can also be turned off. Simple push-button set up makes this a preferred choice for female drivers.
It is compatible with all cars and trucks and no wiring is needed to connect it. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and there you are ready to go. Intelligent GPS guided calculation system ensures accurate data projection and the easy installation (plug and play) makes it one of the most loved HUD in the market.

2Garmin HUD+ Navigation system

Garmin HUD+ is the product that has brought revolutionary changes in the HUD market. It comes with its own Garmin HUD app which connects with Garmin HUD+ to give you an unparalleled experience. By this app, Gramin HUD+ receives all navigation information from the app to your smartphone and then directly projects it on the windshield of your car.
Automatically adjusts brightness levels according to ambient light to ensure clear visibility in both night and bright sunlight. It guides you with turn-by-turn indicators, distance to the next turn, speed limits and estimated arrival time of the next turn using the current speed. It even helps you about the suitable lane for your next turn.
Connects to your Android, iPhone and even Windows phone via Bluetooth connectivity and also allows you to charge your phone through an integrated USB cable.
What more!

1Navdy Head-up display and Navigation

Navdy is the king of the HUD market. It is the first to introduce Augmented Reality in a navigation system that creates a portable heads-up display to help you stay connected while driving with maps, calls, messages, music.
It comes with a bright and clear display which adjusts its brightness automatically at night and daylight. It projects a fully colored and fully transparent image on the screen which is glare free.
What makes Navdy stand out among all the other HUDs is its unique augmented reality technology. It works on simple hand gestures to make/answer calls, get messages and more. Yes, you read it right! It comes with a motions sensor that can detect and respond to a simple wave of a hand.
Missing a turn will be a thing of the past with Navdy’s accurate navigation system powered by Google Maps.
Along with a treat for the eye, it is a treat for your ears as well. Your listening experience can be taken care by Navdy. You have full control on your audios on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and even Pandora.
If that was not enough, it’s dashboard is customizable with preferred data. You can customize whatever information you want on the screen like maps, speed, fuel range, RPM, compass and more.
Undoubtedly the best HUD in the market!



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