227,184 Mazda vehicles are being recalled by Mazda North America. These include the Mazda3 and Mazda6 models manufactured in between 2014 – 2016. The reason being their parking brakes, which might slip when the car is parked on slope or drag while driving thereby incrementing the probability of a crash.
According to a Mazda spokesman the defect has not accounted for any recorded injuries to the automaker.
Mazda says water can seep into the brake caliper, leading brakes to loss of holding force when parked or the drag while driving.
Dealers would be notified on the seventh of August whereas owners would be made of the same starting on the twenty-first of the same month.
The parking brake actuators would be checked by Mazda dealers. The caliper would be replaced if a shaft is found to be corroded. Otherwise, the protective boot kit would be equipped with improved parts.
An incident of brake drag was reported in Canada which made Mazda aware of this defect. This happened in 2015. 80,000 vehicles would be recalled in Canada.

Incidents in U.S. and Germany have lead to the development of a boot replacement kit. Dealers will have access to this for recall repairs.


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