100 pounds of Cannabis is what the Renew Sports Car is made up of …

Henry Ford's findings with a modern touch

100 pounds of Cannabis

Bruce Dietzen, a former Dell employee, is working on a sports car, the 2017 Renew. This is his own sports car and he has been thinking outside the box (considering his work environment). He had set his goal i.e. use of eco-friendly materials. He achieved this by building the car’s body with cannabis. Hundred pounds of cannabis was utilized fr this purpose and it was all covered within an extremely hard resin.

The car was debuted to the rest of the world by Jay Leno. Leno on his show – ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ drove it and put it out there for everyone to see. Dietzen , during the broadcast, explained what made cannabis a usable material. He said it can be used a lot in the future if exploited earnestly.

He also told that if cannabis leaves were tightly woven and used it can make the car’s body ten times stronger as compared to that of steel. Dietzen said he says this on the basis of his tests which involve banging on the hood over and over. Without damaging the bodywork of his car he gives it a go. Moreover, the procedure used to build the car is “Carbon neutral”. Carbon neutral means that it will not add to the harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Having been constructed with hemp does help to publicize the car. But as we say there are to sides to every coin. The other side of this unique implementation does put obstacles in its way for advancement. People seem very much interested when they get to know about a car made using marijuana but then they do not take him seriously is what Dietzen had to add. We might want to note that this is not the first car to be made with the help of cannabis. Henry Ford was the grandfather of this project. He had introduced ‘weed-on-wheels’ in 1941. Dietzen took Ford’s findings, modernized the efforts and brought it up to speed for today’s world.


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