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Virtual Testing Platform For Autonomous Vehicle Developed By Nvidia

Nvidia recently introduced its plan to use a cloud-based system for testing the autonomous vehicles at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose,...

NVIDIA Partners With Arm to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Billions of Internet of Things...

It has been recently announced that Arm and Nvidia are coming up together to bring Artificial Intelligence to most of the IoT(Internet Of Things)...
Nvidia Automotive

NVIDIA’s driver-less car computers just got a nervous system

Self-driving cars, the future of the automotive industry, are coming up every day in the market with various new technologies built in them for...
taiwan semi Conductor

Booming Automotive Electronics business to benefit Taiwan Backend IC service firms

Automotive manufacturers are facing radical changes to their businesses with the emergence of new Digital technology. The booming automobile electronics business is to profit...

Renesas Electronics India showcases new Smart City and Automotive technology

Renesas Electronics India is the subsidiary of Renesas Singapore Pvt. Ltd. and is the leading supplier of advanced semiconductor technology in the market. It...