Trucks without drivers – the near future

DRIVERLESS TRUCKS - Trucks without drivers – the near future

Soon we could see a new self-driving vehicle on the road. Doesn’t seem like anything we haven’t heard before. What does differentiate this one is its size. This time it is no self-driving car but a TRUCK. If this was not enough, the way it has been designed gives it a look similar to a spacecraft on our roads.

Einride will be introducing a self-driving, emission free truck with a view to leave a lasting mark in the current freight transportation industry.

T-pod, an electric autonomous truck was unveiled by the startup claiming to reduce the emissions related to freight upto 60%. Although we haven’t come across road tests the design itself is what grabs our attention.
It is 23 feet in length and weighs around 20 ton. Sizewise, it is smaller than semi-trucks currently in use. The company claims that the trucks have higher efficiency when compared to the others powered by gas.

On drive, remote operators can control the pods. This can help remove the requirement of a human driver inside completely. You will find the windshield absent. The same applies to driver and passenger door.

They will be seen on the roads of Sweden. Its projected that the company will have 200 pods running on roads by 200. Their route will be having the necessary support for charging and operational equipment. The route which these pods will be following would be that between Gothenburg and Helsingborg.

The interest from clients might prepone the 2020 target date. PACCAR, Waymo and Uber are other companies in the industry having a similar aim.



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