Porsche, the German automobile manufacturer, is expected to introduce electric cars in their range soon over the coming years but among those won’t be the legendary 911 model. The car has been in the production since 1963 in one form or another, so it was expected that there will be an electric model too for the car but as per a report by the Automotive News Europe, the evoking aspect of Porsche will never undergo the electrifying process.

These days electrifying the cars is the new hot topic and almost every other car is undergoing the change. Though there is a possibility that a hybrid version is on its way since Porsche has been working on a plug-in hybrid version of 911 and is expected to come to the market in the 2020s. The details for the same are still not disclosed but it is said that there would be a special button to ingress the electric mode of the car. With this information, it is confirmed that the company has no plans for electrifying the car.

Maybe this is the reason why Porsche broke up into Mission E for electrifying the cars rather than working with the current lineup, to allow them to classify the cars as the purist and pure electric cars. But is all in for the idea of electrification since Cayenne and Panamera have already undergone the electrification process. The Boxster and Cayman, Porsche’s sports cars may also undergo electrification but it is still not decided yet.
According to Porsche they want to keep their heritage but are also open to the idea of hybridization and electrification since many consumers are still resisting electrification and prefer the traditional gasoline-powered sports car.
According to the company, it is necessary to satisfy the needs of the customers as well as maintaining the rich heritage of the company for which it is known.

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