Opinion: Tesla has already taken the passenger vehicle market by storm and now its eying for commercial vehicle market. Tesla is going to unveil its first all electric heavy duty truck. Its named as Tesla Semi.

‘Tesla Semi’ is featured as  heavy-duty all-electric truck program at Tesla led by Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s former product Director and VP of Vehicle Engineering. He was responsible for Model S car engineering. Guillen has already some experience in commercial vehicles sector as he has already worked as an executive at Daimler where he successfully implemented the Cascadia truck program. He is PhD in Mechanical from University of Michigan. His contribution was quite successful on the generation of class 8 trucks called as Cadcadia.

Guillen has switched many roles within Tesla and seemed to have transformed each of them into a success, from sales, service design to development he has an impressive profile to take up this next Tesla Semi challenge.

Tesla Semi is going to be a heavy duty truck, with most of the technology already in place tesla has to work a lot into upgrading powertrain and Battery to get this concept into a fine product. What’s to come only time will tell but one thing is sure that cracking this nut is going to be a bit tricky considering the work/hours of the trucks and the environments they have to operate. Even the downtime for charging might not also be a good solution considering the nature of the industry.

Tesla’s Semi can prove as a potential disruption within the commercial market as it has to compete with Mercedes and Volvo Trucks. With Volvo already demonstrated Self driving truck what’s yet to see from these companies is a truck that is on electric power with a very good range.

With Tesla already having a command over the self driving vehicle technology it wont take them much to convert the entire truck into a driverless technology. With their partnerships in place with Nvidia and all its for sure that the self driving of trucks will the biggest feature that Tesla might aim for.




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