Renesas Electronics India showcases new Smart City and Automotive technology

Renesas India's initiative to capture Indian automotive market.


Renesas Electronics India is the subsidiary of Renesas Singapore Pvt. Ltd. and is the leading supplier of advanced semiconductor technology in the market. It will showcase its newest Smart Cities and Automotive technology at the Electronica India that will be held in New Delhi from 14 to 16 September.
“The Indian market is rapidly adopting new technologies and we will be unveiling exciting additions to our portfolio at electronica India,” says Sunil Dhar, President, Renesas Electronics India. “Our solutions reduce the time spent on developing embedded systems software and accelerate the development process, allowing Internet of Things (IoT) and automotive system developers to focus on creating differentiated products.”
The number of vehicles on road is increasing at a rapid rate in India and the amount of time Indians spend on travelling by their vehicles is also great, hence, the automotive industry is compelled to elevate the level of safety, convenience, efficiency and sustainability. Renesas’s all-in-one Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) view solution kit has four cameras that provides it with a 360° surround view. The data that is fed by these cameras creates a birds-eye-view that renders excellent quality surround view capability to the kit. This view is displayed on the LCD display of the vehicle that provides information to the driver about the surroundings of the car. The kit has extensible camera capacity to four extra cameras that enable the kit with electronic mirror and driver monitoring. These cameras then gather information from the environment for sensor fusion, which is an important element to actualize autonomous driving. This all-in-one kit is made on the likes of the R-Car Starter Kit Premier that includes the R-Car H3 automotive system-on-chip that is known for its high performance.
To keep up with the Indian government policy of allowing only electric cars by 2030, Renesas offers technology for Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles that enhances fuel efficiency and motor control. Renesas will exhibit its invertor for EV’s and HEV’s.

The Indian government has initiated the Digital India Programme that has given rise to the concept of Smart Cities. This programme works with the Internet of Things (IoT) and requires a lot of means to develop the smart cities. The internet will manage billions if things like the CCTV cameras, sensors, vehicles, etc. and the software and applications that will manage them should be developed at a pace with these projects. The Synergy Platform will throw light on how the system managers engaged in smart cities and IoT projects will benefit from a platform that is fully integrated software, has microcontrollers and unified development devices that will fasten the embedded development cycle that is required for IoT apps.
This Synergy Platform by Renesas allows the developers to start with the software development from the API level which is better than the difficult low-level middleware and network stacks. The time that is saved can give the developers muh needed resources yo innovate and differentiate their products.
The Renesas IoT sandbox is an environment that is cloud based that allows manufactures to prototype their solutions and speed the launch of their ingenuity solutions. The few weeks they can save can make a lot of difference in capturing market share.



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