Qualcomm recently jolted the automotive industry by announcing the acquisition of NXP Semiconductors. The acquisition costs of 38 Billion dollars has run into few road blocks as European Commission has paused the antitrust review of the deal based on the few points including Qualcomm’s methods of charging lefty royalty fees.

With Infineon Technologies at a strong hold of 10% and also the top suppliers award winner for Bosch is gaining its trust among investors compared to Qualcomm which has been on the down trend is not at the 52 weeks low. Qualcomm is betting big on Automotive, IOT and Virtual reality.

Qualcomm has already launched Snapdragon 820 for Automotive Infotainment system and is now looking to launch Snapdragon 835 for VR systems. As Qualcomm looks to dominate Automotive space with NXP’s help one thing is sure that Infineon’s merger will enable Qualcomm to deep much deeper into Automotive Space with was very much alien to this chip manufacturer.





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