Paris officially inform that the country will ban all fossil fuel based cars from 2030

The nation imposes similar ban from 2040

Paris, the French Capital has imposed a ban on all gas and diesel run vehicles from 2030, which means only Electric vehicles would be seen on the Parisian roads from 2030.
“This is about planning for the long term with a strategy that will reduce greenhouse gases,” transport authority Christophe Najdovski informed.
According to a report. “Transport is one of the main greenhouse gas producers…so we are planning an exit from non electric vehicles, or fossil-energy vehicles, by 2030.”

Pollution levels reach a dangerous high in Paris
Pollution levels reach a dangerous high in Paris


Diesel cars will exit earlier:

Diesel cars will be completely off roads even before the gas-powered vehicles. The Capital has ruled to ban diesel-run cars by, as early as, 2024.

In the report that made public the step towards Electric vehicles, the officials clarified that eliminating all kinds of fossil fuel cars from 2030 is not a ban but a “trajectory”. The report failed to give any information regarding the fines and penalties to those who do not abide by this new rule.
The harmful effects of fuel emission have haunted all of France, the whole world, but Paris is a serious victim of particle pollution. The city witnesses time being, time being temporary bans on fossil fuel cars in the time as of specifically worse periods of pollution.

A similar ban on fossil fuel cars:

The ban on petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 in Paris is among many policies introduced by the French nation to reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuel. The country has imposed a nationwide ban on ICE vehicles from 2040. Along with banning the sale and entire use of combustion vehicles, the nation wants to put an end to their production as well by 2040.

Ban On combustion vehicles in Europe
Ban On combustion vehicles in Europe

Other countries, along with France, have taken a step in the clean environment direction. Germany is the first country to impose such a ban on petrol and diesel cars from 2030. U.K. has set a goal to abolish non-electric cars from 2040. India has put a ban on the sale of non-electric cars from 2030.
The United States has not any timelines announcements in the similar direction but the Californian state has a committee to investigate the ban on non-electric cars.

It seems like the combustion engine cars are nearing as slow, but inevitable end and that countries are moving fast in  that direction. It would be fascinating to watch which country achieves it’s time-set goals and which automakers rise to the occasion and ride this wave of transformation and make the best of it!



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