Airbiquity, Market leader in connected vehicle services has announced the launch of OTAmatic, this over the air update solution will automate software updates and data management for Connected vehicle’s and that may involve autonomous vehicles as well. More news  from Kamyar Moinzadeh is expected about the upcoming announcement on 27th of July 2017.

Nowadays a modern vehicle as lot of ECU’s and a lot of Code inside, any feature update or performance tuning might require to take the car to service center, Nowadays automakers also tend to generate a lot of data about driver behavior and performance of vehicle so collection and analysis also becomes critical for an OEM to collect on time. Due to advancements in technology and having an SAE (level3) autonomy vehicles already running on road the usage of these technology increase drastically.

OTAmatic, Airbiquity

OTA benefits OEM to avoid recalls and save a lot of money in arranging the operations and infrastructure. Over the Air Updates also mean an OEM can issue software update to all the vehicles in case any software change is required. Having these features mean increased customer satisfaction and improved driving experiences.

However, the process & execution of implementing OTA for millions of vehicles around the world is largely complex due to large dependence between the controllers and sensors in the vehicle.

Airbiquity’s OTAmatic solution provides methods to implement OTA at scale to many cars with very less complexity.

Some of the features of Airbiquity’s OTAmatic are:


  • Over-the-Air Orchestration: Policy-driven dependency, rollback, and recovery
  • End-to-End Security: Standards-based certification, authentication, and encryption
  • Data Management Framework: Dynamic data collection and upgradable analytics
  • Bandwidth & Storage Management: Intelligent network selection, data caching, and transfer
  • Consumer Interaction & Privacy: Customized notifications, prompts, and consent
  • Campaign Management: Campaign creation, approvals, reporting, and administration




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