NXP and HARMAN going hand in hand for Connected Car of the Future

NXP and HARMAN going hand in hand for Connected Car

NXP Semiconductors N.V.(NASDAQ:NXPI), NXP the largest and the global leader of the automotive semiconductor business has extended their partnership with Harman which is a known name in Infotainment systems and a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for providing solutions related to Connected Car Systems. This partnership can be groundbreaking considering both of them as the market leaders in their respective segments.  Both NXP and Harman have transformed the Infotainment system from huge bulky sets to much more portable and scalable ones.

To cater to this huge customer base both of these companies will be working on features like OTA(over the air updates), V2X, V2V,  software defined radio and some other emerging technologies. Harman’s next generation infotainment will be using NXP’s latest generation of NXP infotainment solutions. With this partnership in place, we might soon see some early samples of the new concepts llike Rinspeed.



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