There is a need of cyber security regulations among vehicles too!

There is a need of cyber security regulations among vehicles too!

A Jeep Cherokee was remotely hacked to prove a point. A million Dodge Ram trucks in the United States and around 200,000 in Canada were affected by software malfunction and recall notices were issued. One death and some injuries related to he issue also caused recall of Fiat Chrysler in May. Such instances are common these days with the most notable one which took place in 2015. A Jeep Cherokee was remotely hacked by security researchers and they could interfere with the systems as well as control various elements like brakes and transmission. Thereafter people realized the need to regulate cyber security for vehicles. A question then arises what is it that makes these cars so vulnerable to hacking. It all started with the introduction of the entertainment system and the steps taken to modernize it. It all started to go out of hand when this system was connected to that of the car, which then got connected with the internet. These systems were linked to make the car smart so that in case of an emergency the sound volume would automatically go down and a call would be placed to 911 or ideas which needed the owner to track his car. The marketing team found these as USPs and got them in the market its however the risks associated with it that need to be considered. Thus, cyber security regulations and awareness is the need of the hour. Consumers need to know when they purchase a car with such features, they not only welcome activities of leisure with ease but also welcome a plethora of risks. There is a need of laws being issued, security patches and updates based on current cyber threats. We also hope that this being the imminent future the government does define standards for the safety and usability of the same



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