An unorthodox strategy is being adopted by Tesla for the Model 3’s launch. This strategy is being employed to keep the service at par with the demand. They will be sending the tech to the owner.

Earlier this year Tesla announced to increase the production upto 50,000 vehicles a year and also notified about the expansion of its mobile repair service. This is being done with a view to overcome what their slow-growing service center network lacks. It was noticed that 4 out of 5 repairs were small enough to be done remotely. Thus expansion of their mobile repair service would allow them to do the task at the house or office of the owner. The service center network in USA is pretty comprehensive with 25 states serviced by 67 centers. Technicians will be hitting the road to lend a hand in vehicle maintenance. However this is not being considered apt or long – lasting considering the continuously increasing span of vehicles.This strategy did well in Houston, New Orleans however does not have a service center yet.




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