Maruti Suzuki India: The major auto with around 50 percent of market share in India passenger vehicle segment puts clear expectations of remaining the biggest competition in its sector by driving innovation and development.

Maruti Suzuki India Chairman RC Bhargava said”Our Company will not hold back in the segment. As soon as we can determine the customer preference we will come up with such models. In the meantime, the focus will be to increase the fuel efficiency for current models and bring in latest technologies”.

With Indian governments plan on promotion of electric vehicles and providing subsidies, most of the OEM’s are planning to take advantage and bring good cars with fully electric power trains. Maruti along with support of Suzuki plan to work together and remain in the competition with more sales growth on the cards.

Mr RC Bhargava also pointed out improvement in the infrastructure, development of highways, and development of electric power grids.

With good sales and vehicles in the market MarutiSuzuki India stakeholders lauded Osamu Suzuki during 36th annual general meeting of Maruti Suzuki India

Maruti Suzuki has already started working on  Maruti Suzuki Dzire Hybrid, Swift Hybrid and Ertiga Hybrid. All these vehicles will boast 30kmph mileage with SHVS engine. Maruti Suzuki is very particular in launching fule efficient vehicles than other by investing on new technologies.



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