The Honda Motor Company and Hitachi Automotive Systems have collaborated to form a joint venture for research, development, and manufacture of motors for future electric vehicles. This venture will help them to sustain and compete in this highly competitive green market. Honda aims not only to use the motors for their products but also to serve other customers and for this Hitachi’s expertise in running series production for this high volume parts will be very beneficial.

The alliance includes Nissan Motor Co Ltd and Renault SA,¬†¬†Toyota Motor Corp, Ford Motor Co and Volkswagen AG. This alliance also indicated Honda’s willingness to develop more fuel efficient cars with Honda’s alliance with General Motors(GM) for building a Hydrogen fuel cell power system in USA.

None can be predicted about the actual motives but one thing is certain with these many collaborations we can say that it takes a lot to build a technology and Honda needs not to take the brunt alone, thats why we are seeing a lot of collaborators to share this burden.

Honda’s focus on Hydrogen & Electric Car Solutions are well suited for times to come, considering every country to mandate Green Technologies within next 15 Years.



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