Know more about the latest invention in the field of electric cars

On innovations that are made for an electric car, there are numerous that focus on discovering the most efficient way to recharge the batteries when the car is running. An illustration is the recharge from the regenerative braking or electric car prototypes that include solar panels in its construction.

Presently one of the most efficient electricity seems to be recovered from the kinetic given to stop the electric car. But it is a possibility that Colombia has developed and soon to be urbanized a new, more efficient system, that would also be integrated in the electric car and would take advantage of the wind and convert it into electricity.

A Colombian man has made an electric car which is powered by the wind. The car, named Eolo, or Aeolus in English, was devised by Nelson Javier Roldan. Eolo was the keeper of the winds in Greek mythology.

Nelson Javier Roldan, director of project Eolo recently said to a press firm that,

“Ventures combining alternative energies and motor sports always caught my attention and this led to a crazy idea: what if we introduced a wind system in an electric car?”

The automotive industry in Colombia has so far been exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of auto parts for well-known brands.

This idea could see the country come up with its first innovative car.

Countries including Peru, Ecuador and Mexico have offered to contribute and support to the development of this vehicle that pursues to set a standard for design, comfort and autonomy.

Nelson Javier Roldan, director of project Eolo, also added that,

“This is the result of a group of five entrepreneurs. This is a completely electric car, it can reach speeds of up to 130 km per hour, it has a range of 110 kilometers and has a 15-kilowatt battery.

For now, the inventors are functioning to build a second prototype. The electric car Eolo is one of the prime examples of the research being done in the field of sustainable mobility. It is also a replication of how important innovations can occur in countries that are supposed to be unrelated to these new technologies.

If successful, they hope to have a car made in Colombia by 2019.

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