Daimler, the world’s largest truck manufacturer is on its way of delivering the very first electric trucks in the US and thus expanding its first range. This week the German automaker confirmed its deliveries of its  FUSO eCanter in the UK. Some of the customers received their vehicles this week after the vehicles were delivered in the US a year back and a few months back in Germany.

DPD, the courier service the logistics company Wincanton and the baked goods manufacturer Hovis received the very first nine trucks from the company as a part of the Dialmer’s open test program.Each of these companies operates important truck fleets and are to operate the trucks for some time and if they find the trucks useful and the tests are successful, they will soon electrify their fleet for shorter routes and urban areas, which is possibly expected till 2020.

Meant only for the urban routes and for a range of 100km, FUSO eCanter can carry a load of about three and a half tons, depending on the body and usage. The vehicle is powered by an electric powertrain with six high voltage lithium-ion battery packs with 420 V and 13.8 kWh each for a total of ~83 kWh of capacity.

The test program will reach 500 trucks over the next few years with small batch deliveries to customers like these until they reach volume production. Diamler has held such programs before and it is like one of them. Along with this, they are also working on bigger all-electric trucks with a capacity of 26 tons and a massive 212kwh battery with a range of 125 miles.
Still, the range is still a lot less as compared to the Tesla Semi program but this etruck is meant for shorter distances with higher load capacity.



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