Connected Car of the future- IBM Watson

IBM's IoT computing lab Watson plans to change the way people interact with environment.

IBM has setup a separate division for the development of IOT led businesses as its said to be the next big thing. IBM has invested around $3Billion USD to bring global Watson cognitive computing to IOT.  IBM has already started operation in its IBM Watson IOT headquarters in Munich. IBM is looking to use technologies in areas of IOT and Artificial Intelligence to bring transformation in the way people live and interact with machines. The investment of such scale is said to be the companies largest in Europe.

The headquarters in Munich will be a place where researchers, engineers, developers and business experts collaborate  in areas of automotive, electronics, manufacturing, insurance and healthcare. IBM has expertise in automotive industry with very vast network in all major countries, has all the software expertise and solutions that can be tapped to scale the development.

“Watson is transforming how people interact with the physical world- helping to create safer, more efficient and personal experiences at home, at work and on the road”  said by Harriet Green-Global Head of IBM’s Watson IoT business. This platform will fuel lot of agreement between industries to create and enhance the way people experience life.

IBM’s Watson IoT technologies  has recently collaborated with BMW for its automotive research. BMW has provided 4BMW i8 hybrid sports cars at its Munich Watson IoT headquarters for developing proof of concepts and prototype solutions.

bmw IOT

Watson’s capabilities in areas of AI will widen and improve capabilities in terms of offering more analytics, driving experience, environment perception and driving habits.  Voice based car assistant, over the air updates, traffic and vehicle status are some of the features that are expected to be present.

Connected cars are proving one of the biggest applications in areas of IoT with companies already having applications related to IOT in the market. Tesla has been leading the pack by proving over the air Updates, Over the air technician, and Mobile apps for controlling many aspects of the car.




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