The all-electric utility truck meant for on and off-roading is soon going to make its way on the road. Bollinger Motors is putting its best to start the production soon after its prototype testing.

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Bollinger Motors are recently updating the battery capacity for a longer range. The startup said that it will be providing two battery packs according to the range for which they will run i.e. 60KWh for 120 miles and 120KWh for 200 miles in range. It was all announced when the startup showcased it’s B1 electric truck and it also says that the B1 truck will have a minimum range of 200 miles.

The truck weighs around 5000 pounds with a payload capacity of 5000 pounds and the ground clearance of 10 to 20 inches with adjustable suspension. It provides a great increase in the efficiency and energy capacity and almost 66% increase in its range. All this could be counted as a big leap in the automotive industry.

Bollinger, as a startup, is not looking for some ultra high-tech mass market self-driving electric car but a rather simple but vigorous off/on road truck which would stand out for itself. They also might face failure but there are great chances that if they keep on working on it, this is going to work for them and we will be getting good results after some time.
Price is one of the most important things which has not been disclosed by the startup or even discussed. But we will be getting to know it soon.

The startup is working hard on its new technology and as we heard, the company is in negotiation with the potential manufacturing partners and they are aiming to start the production within the next two years.



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