PARIS/BERLIN (Reuters) – Luxury carmaker Audi is introducing fuel-saving technologies to its fleet, the latest is Valeo’s micro-hybrid system also known as stop-start solution. This technology allows vehicle to shut off during stationary conditions in traffic and does seamless transition from engine-off to engine-on and vice-versa. Currently Valeo offers two solutions under this category of Stop-Start solutions, both belt driven (i-StARS starter-alternator) and starter based (ReStart reinforced starter). These systems basically turn the engine off as soon as vehicle stops and starts the very moment driver lifts his foot off the brake or disengages the clutch, this strategy doesn’t only save fuel during longer wait times but also save significant amount of CO₂ emissions.

Valeo claims to have savings upto 15% in congested traffic and 6% in mixed cycle driving. This technology is fitted in place of an alternator. This system is compatible with both Manual and Automatic transmission, all this system doesn’t alter the vehicle architecture, the starter motor is replaced by reinforced starter, ReStart, is claimed to have more torque than the traditional starter and performs good even at low temperatures.

With Audi’s Mild hybrid technology it might be the first German premium brand to use the technology on its current vehicle lineup.

Both Valeo and Volswagen have declined to comment: Reuters



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